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What is Physiotherapy?

Which is also known as physical therapy, physiotherapy is a specialized healthcare field which aims to assist individuals with limitation in mobility, usually brought about by stress, injuries or accidents.

The process involves identifiying the condition, evaluating it and then coming up with a program designed to treat the specific issue felt by the patient and to ensure it doesn't occur again in the future. At Laspley, that process involves both practicioners & patients working together.

Physiotherapy's main objectives are to reduce pain and discomfort, enhance mobility /motion, regain muscular strength, and improve overallfunctional ability.

This is often achieved through the use of proven exercises and a variety of tools available in this field.

Our Licensed & Registered Therapists Use The Best Exercises

These exercises have been shown to be effective and safe in addressing these specific conditions and may consist of flexibility, strengthening, and endurance routines. Among the modalities a physical therapist may use for the therapy of the patient are massage therapy, hot and cold application, electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, and assistive devices.