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Early intervention is crucial to having a speedy recovery. Studies have shown that individuals who seek therapy right after an injury have far shorter recovery times and are 8 times less likely to develop chronic pain.

Bad experience with physiotherapy?
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We understand that options are many and that clinics possess different levels of expertise and operate at various levels of professionalism.
We, however, always set ourselves apart by connecting with our client/patient on a personal level. We understand that physical pain, in most cases, leads to emotional discomfort and/ or stress, therefore, we make sure we understand the cause to better tackle your pain.


Also known as physical therapy, physiotherapy is a specialized field in healthcare that aims to help individuals with limitation in functional mobility, usually brought about by musculoskeletal issues.

It involves the identification, evaluation, and assessment of the medical condition of the patient in order to come up with a program designed to treat the specific disorder experienced by the patient and to prevent its occurrence in the future.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has now been considered a component of mainstream medical therapy instead of just being a complementary or alternative therapy. It has been shown by several studies that massage therapy resulted to significant improvements in patients suffering from various conditions.


This traditional form of Chinese medicine has been gaining wide popularity not just among patients but also with healthcare providers.

It has been shown to have significant benefits in a number of medical conditions such as joint and muscle problems, respiratory illness, and even serious ailments such as cancer and heart-related diseases.